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WINZIP v6.0 for Windows - (317K) Probably the most useful shareware application you'll ever find. Allows you to ZIP and UNZIP your files through a simple Windows interface. HIGHLY recommended! Windows 95 version here (331K).
SmartBoard v1.0 - (344KB) a great clipboard enhancer. Stores the last 10 or 20 items that you cut or copy (can be text, BMP, etc) for immediate posting into other applications. Saves you from going back and forth, cutting, pasting, cutting, pasting... Also, stores frequently used items for hot-key access -- like common business letters, e-mail responses, etc. Very handy and highly recommended. Their homepage is here for the latest information.
DeskList v1.08 - (15KB) A great Win95 utility that places a small icon in your system tray. Click on it to show all items on your desktop, available with a click. No need to minimize all apps to find your desktop.
TopDesk - (89KB) An even match with DeskList above, access your entire Win95 desktop with a quick click on this system tray icon. And it's free!
PowerStrip v2.1 - (220KB) One of the handiest utilities I use everyday. It's a small strip (you can put in anywhere on your desktop) than shows the time and free resources. Right-click it to bring up the option menu -- dial your phone from your stored phone-list, play audio CDs, keep a ToDo list, use the calculator or calendar, check free disk space on your drives, etc.. Very small, fast, and useful.
WinBAR - (150K) For Win3.X users with Taskbar-envy, this is a nice program. A Win95-style taskbar sits at the bottom of your screen and allows you instant access to all your programs for easy launching. Highly configurable.
Almanac - (456KB) A very nice, full-featured PIM which keeps your calendar, To Do list, daily appointments, notes, and phone numbers for you. You can arrange the screen components any way you like - show yearly or monthly calendar, show condensed daily view with all scheduled and ToDo items, show full Daily Scheduler, show notepad, etc.
Accuset - Set your system clock via a modem call to the atomic clock. Accurate to about 1 millionth of a second.
Perfect Screens v1.0 - (200 KB) a handy program that allows you to have virtual desktops -- jump between organized desktops with just the apps you need, just the layouts you need, just the speed launching buttons you need. Instead of a cluttered desktop, put all your graphics apps and shortcuts on one desktop, all your financial links on another, etc. Their homepage is here, for the latest versions.
Directory Watch v1.0 (130K) - Great utility for keeping track of how much 'stuff' you have on your hard drive. Gives total file size for all files within ry, even nested.
System Optimization Page Various links to very useful information on motherboards, BIOS, benchmarks and more.
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Graphics and Multimedia

ThumbsPlus! v3.0 - (THMPLS32.EXE: 2.2MB) a great graphics program that displays thumbnails of all your files (BMP/GIF/JPG/etc.) and does cropping, scaling, conversions, and more. Highly recommended. Check out the 16-bit v2.0. Their homepage is here for the latest information.
JASC Paint Shop Pro v3.11 - (1.9MB) A great paint/editing program for Windows. Includes many high-end features like palette control and special effect filters. Great! 32-bit version here and other programs available from their homepage.
Video Launch Pad - (230KB) The ultimate AVI/MOV video player utility. Real-time FFWD/REW slider control, full-screen playback option, freeze frame and frame advance, save frames as BMP files, and much more. Get it!
GoldWave v3.03 - (475K) The ultimate WAV audio editor and special effects utility. You can drop by their home page for latest news and updates.
GIF Construction Set 32-bit - (780K) The best GIF graphics program. Create transparent GIF files for your web pages, and the newest animated GIF files. 16-bit version available here.

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